ITSS Topics

A Setting for Sustainability: Five Topic Tracks 

The 2020 International Tourism Sustainability Summit is committed to equipping attendees with both the knowledge on how to set about change, and the toolbox necessary to immediately create it. The differing tracks are designed to consider the diverse range of industries that intersect, and various levels of tourism and travel. 

Markets and Marketing 

Considers consumer attitudes toward sustainability, Generation Z and the role in driving attitudes and travel, marketing sustainable products, and marketing to promote sustainable behaviour.  

Cities and Destinations 

Reflects on landscapes under pressure, and explores themes related to managing ‘degrees’ of tourism i.e., over-tourism and under-tourism, “smart” destinations, the cultivation of the host community, and stimulating local entrepreneurship.

Transportation and Aviation

Deliberates the realities of green transportation, smart transportation, “flight shaming”, emission reduction, and exploration of alternative modes of travel.

Hotels and Venues

Presents’ sustainability resources and their management, the status and success of ‘green’ hotels, ‘zero waste’ hotels, responsible procurement, and promotion and advantages of equality in the workforce.

Green Tech

Considers the planning and executing sustainable conferences and events, paperless events, waste and energy management, green catering, and responsible procurement.