Dr. Eran Ketter

Senior Trainer and Advisor in Tourism Marketing


Eran Ketter (PhD) is a senior trainer, advisor and keynote speaker in tourism recovery marketing, a researcher and the co-author of the world-renowned books: "Tourism marketing for Developing Countries" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), "Marketing the Impossible" (SPH, 2012) and “Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis” (Elsevier-BH, 2008).

His vast practical experience includes training, research and consulting projects for the OECD, Israeli Ministry of Economy, Philippines Tourism Promotion Board, Tanzania National Park Association, Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation, Kenya Tourism Board, Rwanda Development Board, Ethiopian Ministry of Telecommunication and others.

Currently, Eran serves as a special marketing advisor for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.


The Roadmap to Destination Resilience: Concluding Insights

In an era when the next crisis is always behind the corner, destinations should focus on establishing resilience and building a rich and positive image that can absorb crisis events. Destination resilience marketing is aimed at identifying the key environments that set the destination's resilience level (i.e., target audiences, past and future crises, public image and destination characteristics) and acting proactively to enhance resilience is each one of those critical environments. The resilience marketing perspective goes beyond the pre/ post crisis acts, and take a proactive and holistic approach for managing destination image, marketing, sales and tourism supply/demand system in turbulent times.