Who Should Attend?

A decade of change: new practices in sustainability and industry survival

ITSS offers business owners, senior employees (management), and associated individuals (technical or practical members of the tourism/travel industry) who are invested in tourism and travel, the opportunity to gain greater insight (and influence) into their field.

ITSS provides access to presentation and panels that allow attendees an edge on industry leaders. Dynamic panels create the space for new insights into developing industry issues, while creative presentations equip attendees with the tools necessary to create immediate sustainable change.
The conference is appropriate for anyone interested in either: 
Equipping themselves with greater industry insight 
Training and development for specialized teams/staff with the most relevant issues, and innovative solutions.
ITSS is an essential event for those working within the tourism and travel industry in a range of capacities: 
Marketing: public relations and media industries
Preliminary Travel: planning industries
Active Travel: transport industries (Air, Ground and Maritime)
Travel/tourism Execution: accommodation and venue industries
Travel/tourism Management and Regulation: governments and community groups




  • Cities, localities and state tourism bureaus
  • Amusement Parks and Attractions
  • Museums and tourism attractions
  • Meeting venues & expo centers 
  • Tourism accommodation sector: hotels, resorts and other accommodation services
  • Airlines and the aviation industry
  • Cruise lines and ocean liners
  • Government Tourist Office and Embassies
  • Central/national government agencies responsible for sustainability planning
  • NTOs/ DMOs
  • Government officials in the fields of tourism and economic development
  • Tourism marketing/ public relations specialists
  • Tourism social media specialists
  • Travel and tourism private sector: tour operators, travel agents and tourism business
  • sustainability advisors/ services
  • Directors of sustainability
  • Transport, aviation and port sustainability specialists
  • Social Media Managers
  • PR
  • Marketing managers